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Deployable Infrastructure

Sandesign has provided expertise on a wide range of deployable solutions.  All solutions have been specifically designed to meet specific customer requirements including the following:

  • RFI and EMC shielding

  • NBC and EMP Protection


  • Internal Environmental Conditioning

  • Integral Power Provision

  • Tactical & Normal Lighting

  • Extreme Environmental Ambient Operation

  • Design & Certification for Transportation & Flight (Fixed & Rotary Wing)

  • Transport & Logistics


Primarily based on standards ISO container profiles they are complaint with all methods of transportation; Road, Sea, Land and Air.  Customisation of design, dimensions, interface and construction suits particular vehicle integration or customer applications. 

ISO containers inherently provide high levels of physical protection and together with support systems create a suitable environment for the operation of sensitive equipment within.  Our designs have been proven for prolonged operation in the harshest of environments.

Applications include:

  • Surveillance/ Force Protection

  • Transportable Modular Data Centres

  • IT and Server Rooms

  • Hygiene systems

  • Medical

  • Disaster Relief

  • Workshops

  • Support units


Through experience Sandesign consultant can integrate best in class sub components using proven technology to underpin design to de-risk any new development.

Using 3D CAD, detailed models are produced allowing accurate visualisation of any system providing customers with early visibility and acceptance before manufacture and delivery of the system.

Our consultants can complement any established team or provide standalone expertise if customers are not familiar with the application.

For the past two decades, our experience and expertise has positioned us at the forefront of the market for complex, deployable, integrated workspace solutions.

We excel in the design, development and project management of bespoke, high-quality robust solutions that satisfy requirements across a range of fields including: deployable C4ISTAR, medical, hygiene, scientific investigation, hospital, command and control, specialist workshops and ground control stations.

However demanding the specification, we are on hand to understand, engage and satisfy our customers’ requirements, and deliver a solution that will meet or exceed their operational needs.

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