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Sandesign will guide and support you in effectively sourcing, selecting and completing tenders. If it is for SMEs, renowned national organisations or global business, our expert team has the knowledge, skills and experience needed to help you win contracts.

If it is extra resource to ensure completion of a bid or advise on improvements to your bid process, we advise clients across several sectors to understand core components for tendering success. Our leading bid/tender success rate results in high levels of repeat business with customers from around the world.  With specialism in the intricacies of the Defence procurement process, our team can provide expertise in support of established teams or management if bidding into this new market.

We are trained in use of the Shipley Process for Capture and Bid Management, an award winning tender management process that will ensure your team process winning bids efficiently, effectively and commercially. We will assist your organisation to organise, manage and deliver high quality submissions.

As industry specialists who possess evaluation, procurement and management skills, our team members will add value to by reviewing/marking bids prior to their submission.

As part of our bid management assistance we offer the following;


Tender Audits

We will review / audit your tendering process and tender documents to identify areas to improve.

Many clients see value in the independent marking of their bids prior to submission to increase their chances of winning contracts.

We have procurement specialists within the team who can advise on improvements to most bids. Sometimes you can win or lose by the smallest of margins and so our tender reviews can make the difference between winning and losing that contract or learning lessons to ensure the next bid is successful.

Customer procurement processes are ever changes and substantially different across all markets.  It is always good practice to be pro-active and maintain current best practices with continual improvement.

We can provide you with the following tender audits to support the improvement of your win rate:

  • Review of previously submitted PQQ’s or Tenders

  • Review of your policies to ensure they meet private/public sector requirements

  • Review of your tender toolkit and structure

  • Review of Case Study / Contract Data Sheets (content and structure)

  • Review of Staff Profiles (content and structure)

  • Review %win and %go to filter opportunities and maximse chance

  • Your Bid Process and Compliance

  • Your approach to sourcing tenders and marketing to the public sector


Bid/Tender Writing

We assist in varying levels of the production of proposals and persuasive content to help alleviate the stress and confusion associated with complex tenders. In addition to improving the calibre of your submission and strike rate, the time efficient practice allows you to focus your efforts on your core business, the financial model and resource planning.


Commercial Advice

We can advise you on the modelling of your submissions, provide commentary on the terms and conditions and advise you on compliance issues, in order to enable you to meet the buyers’ needs and your own internal compliance.

Not only will submitting a tender with our assistance improve your winning rate, we will guide you in best practise to improve your business processes and policies. This supports you in delivering the contracts and builds continuous improvement.

Many companies want to establish a bid and proposal center of excellence to help improve the efficiency of bid and proposal activity. They see the value in a unified approach with established methods, processes, and tools necessary to win business.

Sandesign Services are experienced at proving assistance to clients on a scale that fits their requirements.  From simple additional proposal resource to advice on the build and management of an effective and efficient sales/business development operation.


The bid and proposal team is the foundation for a winning business development culture which will sustain growth and promote productivity within any company.

Proposal Management

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