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Sandesign consultants have extensive expertise working in the Data Centre (DC) market. 

Whether it is an upgrade to an existing legacy DC or complete new build, Sandesign offer all levels of consultancy to ensure customers achieve a DC meeting their requirements.

Our Consultants have experience in all aspects of design, production and management of DC facilities.  Our DC infrastructure design successfully integrates physical solution requirements with excellent operator ergonomics and a resilient technical system integration to provide a solution precisely tailored to end-user requirements.

Guidance is provided using our extensive knowledge of standards, guidelines (such as BICSI) and current DC equipment suppliers ensuring a customer’s DC achieves the desired performance, availability and efficiency levels.

Together with key customers Sandesign has offered a comprehensive range of high performance data centers from conventional static equipment data halls to transportable and deployable Data Centres (DCs).

Our consultancy services ensure customers are equipped with DCs correctly specified for their application including the following:


  • External Infrastructure

  • Resilience/tier level

  • Efficiency, reliability and availability

  • Power provision and backup systems

  • Efficient cooling system (based on application)

  • Cabinet layouts and configuration including power density

  • Security systems including physical barriers

  • Fire detection and suppression


Static Building DCs

Sandesign has been involved in the installation of new DCs and the upgrade of existing legacy DC within a standard building environment. 

New buildings allow for the complete system design to be compatible with the building fabric and to the customers budget and specification.  As a DC design and build specialist, Sandesign has proven experience and a strong track record in delivering new builds within live environments.

With a focus on performance and flexibility, we help our customers turn their business and technology drivers into briefs and performance specifications. We can engage early to help our customers through concept design, developing solutions that match their specific needs and deliver real value. Based on industry best practice and over 30 years of experience, our award-winning team has enabled customers to deploy some of the most efficient and high density solutions.

Upgrade of legacy DC systems often is dictated by the customer budget and existing DC configuration.  Sandesing focus on an improvement of exiting equipment to deliver cost savings, performance gains and other business benefits. With continuous developments in technology and the drive to do more with less, customers are assisted with their challenges in live environments.
With a focus on data centre optimisation, there is a huge potential that can be unlocked by the evaluation of customers’ existing facilities and operation.  With simple improvement in performance significant gains can be achieved. It is understood that no pro-active organisation stands still and with new IT deployments as well technology innovation, a DC is a dynamically changing environment where nothing should be considered in isolation. There is always opportunity to make effective change and deliver improved management of existing facilities.

Modular Data Centres (MDC)

Working closely with key partners and customers Sandesign has delivered a variety of high performance MDCs.

These units offer high resilience, security and are built using proven high specification components for outdoor and indoor locations.  They are rapidly constructed, and offer an environmentally controlled working area for use with the customer supplied data and processing equipment.  

The equipment is proven, modern, scalable for future expansion and fully capable of operation in the most challenging of operating environments.
The system can be installed on unprepared hard surface using levelling feet or on a levelled concrete platform.

The interior space has the look and feel of a traditional DC, Wide aisles, NOC spaces, Air Locks are all easily incorporated.  The construction of each modular section gives the MDC high thermal efficiency, enabling low PUE and high density. 

Granular growth ensures optimum energy consumption (i.e. no un-populated areas to unnecessarily cool or power). It also allows the addition of areas when required with a minimum of effort.  Granular sections of 1 rack to as many as you require can be added with the removal of wall sections and addition of additional granular sections. Each granular section can be configured to suit the application with the Cabinets, Cooling components, Free space and NOC areas added to suit the customer applications.

Containerised Data Centres

These units are delivered as standard within modified standard ISO containers and provide a range of pre-designed variable capacity design options that can be modular or specific for an application.

From single truly deployable units to larger modular data hall comprises several containerised complexed together, solutions can be created matching customers’ requirements exactly.  Internally these unit replicate the look and feel of a traditional “White Space” DC.

Installing within ISO containers guarantees:
•    Ease of movement by Road, Sea, Land Air using standard interface
•    CSC certified for Sea transit and stacking
•    Robust transportation envelope
•    Pre-configuration
•    Rapid Deployment with significantly reduced set up times
•    Minimal build time requirements
•    Suitable internal environment in the extremes of ambient conditions
•    Moudalr options for future growth and expansion
•    Transportability options for future relocation, re-configuration and re-use

Standard features allow customers to configure a transportable system that will meet the requirements and capabilities of their static counterparts.  These features can be modified to make the system bespoke to the customer requirements and maximise benefits.

Our experience in the design, operation and support of containerised equipment ensure customers are offered guidance from leading engineers.

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